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Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening Special Offer!

Based in Cambridge 

Available 7 Days A Week

Same Day Service

Home Whitening (Trays):  £275

Everyone would love a beautiful, bright smile.

When you see a gorgeous smile, it hard not to notice.

A smile reveals so much about a person. It projects youthful confidence.

People who don’t like the colour and appearance of your teeth will often avoid smiling.

We offer a choice of

Home Tray Whitening £275 

1 Hour Laser Whitening  Normally £475 now £450

*Full Check up and Xray’s needed before Whitening Consultation

Cosmetic Dentist Cambridge. Call Cambridge 01223 363277. Open 7 Days

Safe Tooth Whitening From Trusted Cambridge 

We have been doing Tooth Whitening for almost 20 years and we have seen all the fads over the last few years.

Tooth Whitening is very popular amongst patients of all ages in Cambridge because it gives a New Confidence. It makes you Feel and Look Younger

Patients can get some whitening products in shops but most are not effective at all because of the concentration of the whitener in the product.

There are unregulated providers who are practicing illegally and are not insured and often cause severe damage to patients teeth.

Experience tells us that Power Whitening (with lights and Lasers) gives a quick Whitening effect however the effect only lasts a short period and most of the improvement disappears after about 2 weeks.

On the other hand the tray systems take a long time but the results are better and last far longer.

We also advise patients before they start the treatment to have Fluoride Treatments and to use a special Toothpaste that is high in Fluoride

The reason we do this is that there is less sensitivity and the final result is achieved much more quickly and result is much longer lasting.

Patients should understand that Tooth Whitening does not work for every patient and

We offer no Warranty or Guarantee of an improvement.


Our Smile Changes And Our Teeth Become More Dull

Over the years, our smile changes and our teeth become duller. Tea, red wine, curry, coffee, and smoking all make teeth become darker and less shiny. Teeth whitening can reverse these effects, leaving your teeth looking a youthful white once more.

White teeth can make a huge difference to your self-confidence and appearance. It quite literally brightens up your smile. By choosing the leading cosmetic dentist in Cambridge for your treatment, you can achieve long-term results through professional teeth whitening.

There are countless tooth whitening systems on the market, but not all offer premium results and a lasting finish. To make sure that you are satisfied with the results, you need to visit a trusted local dentist when having your teeth whitened.

With the right support, you can remove stains from your teeth and achieve a whiter smile that will boost your confidence for years to come. At The Hub Dental Practice, our fully insured cosmetic dentistry team offer safe, painless and cost-effective teeth whitening solutions to patients throughout Cambridge and Beyond.

Tooth Whitening Consultations

£25 Tooth Whitening Consultation.

It is designed to assess if the patient is suitable for Tooth Whitening : Not all patients are.

The Tooth Whitening consultation is normally with our Dental Hygienist.

Laser Power Tooth Whitening

We offer Tooth Whitening 7 days a week. We are the largest Private Practice in Cambridge and the leading provider of home and laser power tooth whitening in Cambridge.

Also known as Power Whitening or Laser whitening

A great smile can significantly boost your confidence and how other people view you. The appearance of your teeth is an important part of your smile and the way you look overall. Unfortunately, many lifestyle factors and the seemingly routine things you do day after day can discolour your teeth over time and contribute to the quality of your smile.

These include excessive consumption of coffee, tea and red wine, as well as food and drinks with strong colouring. Another major cause of discolouration is smoking, which can affect your smile not only by causing wrinkles to form around your mouth but can also make your teeth appear yellow. Fortunately, laser teeth whitening can provide an effective solution.

At Cambridge Dental Hub Practice and The Hub Dental Practice, we offer professional laser power teeth whitening at affordable prices to rejuvenate your smile and give your teeth a healthy and attractive appearance.

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