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New Dentures
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Do You Want Dentures That Fit Perfectly?

Are you self-conscious & embarrassed about your dentures?

Do you suffer from loose dentures & fear the worst ?

Do you want to eat the foods you once enjoyed again?

Are your dentures uncomfortable or sore?

Do your dentures make your face look sunken & older?

If you answered YES to any of the above WE can help you!

Time Scales for New Dentures

For smaller straight forward dentures, up to 3 teeth, it is possible to have a new denture the same day.

However for most new dentures it is usually between 1 week and 2 weeks.

For Chrome Cobalt dentures it is usually between 3 week and 4 weeks

Costs for New Dentures

Full Upper and Full Lower Dentures £1000
Full Upper or Full Lower Dentures £800
Upper or Lower Chrome Cobalt Dentures £950
Upper or Lower Metal Free Dentures £750
Temporary Upper or Lower Dentures From £500
Denture additions From £125
Dentures Repairs From £125

Time Scales for Denture Repairs

For straight forward Repairs and additions: Between 1 and 2 Hours..

Allowing patients to avoid taking time of work and social embarrassment.

Costs for Denture Additions and Repairs

Denture Additions From £125
Dentures Repairs From £125