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Ultra Modern Technology

We pride ourselves in using the very best equipment.

Like all dentistry, maybe apart from extractions, technology is improving al the time. This allows even better results.

Rubber Dam

Rubber Dam is used

To Isolate the area
To protect the airway
to create a more aseptic space to work

We use it routinely in many procedures such as

Cosmetic Tooth Restoration Procedures

Highest Standards in Root Canal Treatment

We follow the very highest standards and Protocols including using

Digital Xrays
Rotary Files
Rubber Dam
Ultrasonic agitation for debridement, irrigation and cleaning of canal
Heated Flowable GP
Effective Obturation Systems including System B

The Endo Activator

The EndoActivator® is designed to safely and vigorously energize the hydrodynamic phenomenon. Evidence-based endodontics has shown that cavitation and acoustic streaming significantly improve debridement and the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm. Activating fluids promote deep cleaning and disinfection into lateral canals, fins, webs, and anastomoses. A cleaned root canal system facilitates 3-D obturation and long-term success.


Watch The Endo Activator Video

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