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Oral Surgery at The Cambridge Dental Hub

We have a very experienced team of dentists who offer a full range of Oral Surgery Procedures.

Last month more than 500 patients used our emergency dental service and our dentists are very experienced in Oral Surgical Procedures.

In the most complex cases we can do 3D CT scans.

Generally most patients who have oral surgery procedures do so because of pain, and in the vast majority of cases we offer a same day surgery service.

95% of Oral surgery procedures involve extractions. As the only Dental Practice in Cambridge that is open 7 days a week 365 days a year we do several hundred Oral Surgery procedures a month.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Difficult Teeth Extraction
Sinus Lifts
Broken Root Extractions
Bone Grafts
Bone Augmentation
Exposing Buried teeth (Canines)
Periodontal Surgery

We are available 7 days a week

We offer Sedation 7 days a week

We are seeing and Increasing number of patients who are on NHS 12 month+ waiting lists for simple and straight forward Oral Surgery procedures and extractions.

We offer an easy, affordable and quick way for patients to have their treatment completed.

To make an appointment please ring 01223 363277 or email us on

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Charges for Oral Surgery

Most oral surgery procedures we perform are simple extractions and the charges begin at £95 with the average being £115

However complicated oral surgery procedures involves more complex surgery.

As with every thing we do, we would offer a written cost breakdown before any procedures are performed.

We Gown up (Surgical Gowns) before all complex surgical procedures

Surgical Teeth Extractions from £250 and are based on £250 per hour

Surgical Root Extractions from £250 and are based on £250 per hour

Frenectomies from £250 and are based on £250 per hour

Apicectomies from £400

Sinus Lift (Small) From £400 Average £475

Sinus Lift (Medium) From £800 Average £875

Sinus Lift (Large/Extensive) From £1200 Average £1275

Bone Grafting/Augmentation at time of placing implant From £300 Average £350

Bone Grafting/Augmentation as a separate procedure From £300 Average £350

Collagen Membrane From £100 Average £100