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Pain Free Laser Gum Treatment

The EPIC Laser is the only diode laser with three unique therapy modes –

Soft Tissue Surgery,
Whitening, and
Pain Therapy.

How Do Lasers Improve Dental Care

Our Laser

Lasers are a great asset in modern dentistry. However because they are expensive to purchase and maintain, most dentists fail to utilise their benefits.

Using a laser for certain treatment can have a number of benefits for patients by

Providing faster healing times,
Reducing the risks of infection,
Creating less bleeding.
Creating less postoperative pain.

The laser generates a beam of concentrated light bringing energy into your mouth to help remove areas of infection as it destroys many bacteria and viruses found in the mouth. In almost every case the patient feels nothing except a warm sensation in the gum.

The Ultimate in Patient Comfort

One of the most promising aspects of laser dentistry is the opportunity to do more with less anesthetic, and less damage to the tissue. Our EPIC laser delivers on that promise with ComfortPulse, a proprietary innovation that delivers precisely controlled micropulses of diode energy to the tissue, followed by “down” time to allow tissue to relax and respond positively to laser treatment.

Our EPIC laser also introduces a new ComfortPulse setting that delivers pulses to the tissue as short as one ten-millionth of a second, resulting in improved patient comfort, less damage to surrounding tissues, and better healing. With Our EPIC laser, patient comfort is a reality

Treatment of Gum Disease

We use our laser to remove debris and bacteria between your teeth and gums that can cause bleeding gums, gum recession and even loss of teeth. The laser is highly effective at killing bacteria and may even stimulate gum tissue growth.

Take advantage of our Laser's capabilities including performing "pocket therapy" using single-use disposable Perio tips.

The laser is not hot and there is virtually no awareness of what is happening.

Our EPIC Laser is a painless and effective alternative to the traditional method of surgically treating periodontal disease.

When treatment with Our EPIC Laser is combined with Good Effective maintenance then the results are excellent.

Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment:

It eliminates the disease
Completely painless
You can save teeth, which usually would have to be extracted*
It’s a long term result which is easy to maintain
You will have beautiful healthy teeth and a fresh breath again

Desensitising Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, then a 2 minute procedure per tooth with a laser provides an effective solution with no local anaesthesia.

Although a permanent treatment for sensitive teeth, it should be noted that if further recession occurs in those areas, then they may become sensitive again.

Fresher Breath and Nicer Taste

By removing debris and bacteria between your teeth and gums the result is Fresher Breath. The results are very quick and with good oral hygiene etc. the Fresh Breath lasts.

Treating Cold Sores and Ulcers

If you suffer from cold sores or ulcers, then by using a laser's energy to minimise any sores developing and increasing the blood circulation. This helps improve healing in the area allowing the ulcers and the sores to heal more quickly than they would do otherwise.

Take advantage of our Lasers capabilities including relief of lesions (aphthous ulcers, herpetic lesions).

Tissue Healing

Laser energy can be directed at areas where surgery has been carried out, such as the placement of a dental implant or removal of a wisdom tooth. The laser improves blood flow and accelerates healing, reducing post operative discomfort.

Most surgeries inside your mouth can be carried out using a laser as it has the benefit of minimising bleeding and pain during and after the procedure. Traditional scalpel and sutures cause more tissue injury, pain, swelling and bleeding.

Improving your smile

The appearance of your smile can be improved by contouring or shaping your gums using a laser. We safely remove excess gum tissue that may give you a 'gummy' smile, or make your front teeth appear irregular in size or shape.

There is no bleeding afterwards as the laser seals the tissue as it removes it. In addition the degree of tissue control is much higher than would be the case using a scalpel or electro surgery unit.

Sterilising root canals during Root Canal Therapy

Lasers are used in addition to conventional root canal therapy to sterilise the canal. This improves the success rate by destroying bacteria in lateral and accessory canals that are not easily accessible by conventional treatment.

Tooth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a 1 hour procedure with results that can last you 2 to 3 years.

A protective layer is placed over your gums and soft tissues before we apply the whitening gel to the teeth. The laser is then used to activate the gel in order to whiten the teeth.

We always recommend that Laser Power Whitening is used in conjunction with trays.

Studies have shown that our EPIC Laser can perform a full-mouth, in-office whitening procedure with an average of 4-6 shades in only 20 minutes of treatment time (not including set-up or take-down), faster than any other in-office whitening system.

Single-Use Tips Eliminate Cross Infection

We use disposable single use tips for diode lasers.

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For more information on laser dentistry, call our practice in Cambridge, on 01223 363277.

Our Hygienist Charges

There is No Extra Charge to be seen Evenings and weekends.
Simple Scale and Polish every 3 months £35
Normal Scale and Polish £45
Spring Clean £55
Smokers Destaining using Jet Wash £25 extra
Deep scaling with Local Anaesthetic From £65 per quadrant
Deep scaling with Local Anaesthetic and Antibiotic Gel From £100 per quadrant
Root Planing From £65 per quadrant
Root Planing with Local Anaesthetic From £85 per quadrant
Root Planing and Laser treatment with Local Anaesthetic From £125 per quadrant
Tooth Whitening Consultation Free
Fissure Sealants From £15 per tooth
But we ALWAYS give you a quote before treatment begins.

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