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General Dentistry


Each of our six Dentists offers a full range of general dental care. General dentistry is the "Bread and Butter" of a good practice.

We aim to offer affordable and quality routine dental care for our patients.

Most of our patients are regulars, seeing the Hygienist every 3 months and only having replacement fillings.

Our Fees and Charges are very reasonable and we do not hide them.

Each patient gets an "Written Itemised Treatment Plan" for each course of treatment.

We use Xray equipment and films which ensure the lowest radiation exposure as well as producing films of excellent diagnostic quality.

We offer a same day emergency dental service for our patients, and go out of our way to be available.

We do not charge any more for an emergency visit than we would for a routine booked appointment.

We provide the dentist's mobile phone number which is 07973 227415 and is available 24/7.


We offer a choice of Silver or White as well as Cerec Porcelain.

Minor Oral Surgery

Being the main 7 Day Emergency Dental Service in Cambridge we have a wide experience of Minor Oral Surgery and will usually be able to almost all extractions, including Wisdom Teeth.

We have good relations with the local Specialist Oral Surgeons and normally patients can be seen very quickly

Other General Dentistry

Root treatments require very delicate instruments an exceptional skill to achieve the best results. We are a Centre Of Excelence for Endodontics (See Box Below).

Our 2 lady Dental Hygienists are available 6 days a week including late evenings and early mornings. Our charges are very reasonable,; for example almost all our regular patients who see the hygienist every 3 or 4 months for a simple Scale and Polish pay only £35.00.

We offer Sedation at short notice and appointments can usually be arranged within 24 hours.

We use a local Dental Laboratory and can normally arrange for "Same-Day" denture repairs, and we offer an "Express" service for new dentures.

We can offer "Same Day Cerec" Crown and Bridge Service.

We have a choice of 5 male and one female dentist.

A Modern, Safe and Non Distructive Way To Detect Dental Disease


We are now using the Sopra Dental Disease detection system call SopraLife

SOPRO: a new imaging fluorescence device aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of caries.

The auto fluorescence technology in SOPROLIFE allows our dentists to detect occlusal or interproximal decay, even in its earliest stages, which can often be missed by the eyes or by x-rays.

SOPROLIFE allows our dentists to differentiate healthy from infected tissue in order to excavate only the tissue which is diseased.

SOPROLIFE functions “live” in three modes and is free from ultraviolet or ionizing rays.

Diagnosis aid Mode:
SOPROLIFE allows the characterization of lesions at different clinical stages without loosing consistency. This is accomplished with image magnification of 30 to 100 times.

Treatment aid Mode:
SOPROLIFE images produced in the treatment mode show a differentiation of pre-operative healthy tissue versus diseased tissue.

SOPROLIFE is the only concept in the world to offer two different visions.

The Daylight Mode allows the dentist to use SOPROLIFE as a white light intra-oral camera providing images of unmatched quality!

Adapting itself to the most complex clinical situations, SOPROLIFE allows our dentists to rapidly adjust their treatment choices.

Linked to SOPRO IMAGING software, our dentists now have the ability to have a customized follow-up adapted to the needs of their patients.

Safe, Easy and Painless

Its just a Simple Hand Held Camera!!

No Need for Xrays!!

The white image shows possible decay at the junction of the composite filling

The image of fluorescence confirms the presence of a renewal of the caries.

Gum Disease Detection

The camera allows us to show nut just the plaque but also to give an indication of how of the plaque is.

Gingival inflammation can range from hues of pink all of the way to deep magenta.

New plaque is highlighted by its white and grainy characteristics and old plaque is revealed as shades of yellow and orange.

The SOPROCARE camera when used in “PERIO” mode makes it all the more effective and indispensable by not just illuminating new plaque, old plaque but also the gingival inflammation.

Early identification of these conditions results in early intervention and minimally invasive treatment, while also educating patients on their clinical needs.

It means that we can show not simply what was missed on the last toothbrish cleaning, but what was left for a few days!!

Much more obvious that the naked eye and much less messy than disclosing tablets!!

Dental Decay Detection

Using the Sopra Camera is very useful as not only is the decay very obvious but we can also reduce the amount of Xray Radiation to the patients.

Here are 3 views of the same teeth

The one above is what you see with the naked eye and the decay is not visible

The one above is what you see with the Sopra Camera and the experienced eye can see the decay at the edge on the right (shadow)

The one above is what you see with the high quality low dosage xrays we use, and the decay is confirmed.

Modern technology is the way forward. It allows us to be far more accurate and therefore it reduces the costs of treatment and improved the patients dental health.