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Fluoride does wonders for teeth, there is no doubt abut that. However, like most additives, too much can be bad for you.

There are 3 main ways we intake Fluoride

In Our Diet

There is fluoride in the food and water that we consume. Sometimes it is added artificially, but this is very rare. The amount of fluoride in water varies from location to locations, and whilst it is added to the water supply in some areas, in other areas there is simply a higher level in the water.

In Toothpaste and Mouthwashes

Almost all toothpastes have fluoride in them, and in the small concentrations it is completely safe. Although parents should be careful that their children do not consume too much when brushing.

The amount of added fluoride in toothpaste that people require depends on the existing level of fluoride in their diet, as well as the extra risks of decay due to factors like age and dietary habits

We offer 2 types of toothpaste with additional fluoride: Duraphat 2800 and Duraphat 5000. They are great for patients with a high incidence or risk of decay. However there are only available on prescription.

In Tablets

Not sure about this and how effective and safe it is (in the real world)

Fluoride And The Aging Population

It is important to understand that as we age the nature of our saliva changes.

Saliva dilutes the food in our mouth and reduces the effects of acid on our teeth.

The ability of saliva to reduce the effects of acid reduces as we get older and this is why dentists are seeing an increasing number of older patients suddenly develop decay in previously completely healthy teeth.

This can be prevented by using toothpaste with more fluoride than usual.

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