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Treatments for Dental Trauma

Everyday of the week we have at least one dentist who is experienced in the treatment of dental trauma. They are working at the surgery (not just on call!).

Being treated by an experience clinician is essential to the likely success of any treatment for trauma.

Whilst most trauma involves very little damage and can therefore be be easily corrected by a Bonded Tooth Coloured restoration we also treat some very serious trauma cases. We are seeing lots of cases of bicycle accidents recently.

We offer a full range of diagnostic Radiographic tools including CBCT scans.

Indeed we are the only practice in the area that offer this service

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What To Do After Dental Trauma

Reimplantation of Teeth

The difference between saving and losing a knocked out tooth, is the thirty minutes following the incident.

To save the tooth, follow these steps:

•Rinse the tooth gently in tap water by holding the crown of the tooth
•Avoid scrubbing the tooth
•Insert the tooth into the empty socket quickly
•If you are uncomfortable inserting the tooth, put the tooth in milk or water Get to the dentist or endodontist immediately

If the tooth can be reimplanted into its socket within 30 minutes following the incident then your endodontist will delay the root canal treatment for 2 weeks in order to stabilise the tooth. If more than an hour has elapsed root canal treatment will be performed prior to Reimplantation However the prognosis is such cases is guarded due to future root resorption and eventual loss of the tooth.