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Cosmetic Dentists In Cambridge

We Are the most popular Dental practice in Cambridge, with some of the most experienced cosmetic dentists available.



Cosmetic Dentists In Cambridge

Every day our Cosmetic Dentists create beautiful smiles in Cambridge. Smiles that are attractiveyouthfulnatural-looking and confidence building.

We believe that our strength as a Cosmetic Dental practice is built on teamwork. Our team has some of the most experienced Cosmetic clinicians available, giving patients access to an extraordinary range of treatment all under one roof.

Many of our clinicians focus in on specific areas of Cosmetic Dentistry. So whereas in most other practices, you’ll have one person doing a large range of treatment; with us you’ll be directed to someone who specifically excels in the area you’re interested in.

We work alongside the The hub Dental Practice.

We offer the very latest in cosmetic treatment, thanks to our association with leading dental laboratories, and our continued investment into pioneering technologies.

We have an outstanding record of providing excellent care at affordable prices, and that’s why we are Cambridge favourite private practice.

The common cosmetic treatments we offer include:

professional teeth whiteningclinical destainingimplantscrownsveneersdental bondingairflow stain removalbridgesconventional braceslingual braces, and Invisalign braces.

We additionally offer more complex surgical solutions, thanks to a team of highly focused clinicians.

We are a family run business that’s been in Cambridge for 40 years, so you can be assured that our aftercare is second to none. If there are any problems, our 24/7 Emergency line will always be there for you. And don’t forget, we are open every day, 365 days a year, so even if you have a problem on Christmas Day, we’ll be there for you.


Dr Gulelala Azhar

Dr Lorenzo Valero

Dr Ignacio Farga Ninoles

Dr Margarita Kapsazova

Dr James Olding

Dr Ernest Lucas-Taulé

Dr David Nartey

Dr Ezgi Cilingir

Dr Konstantinos Tzamalas



£65 Cosmetic Consultation

A beautiful smile speaks volumes. People notice it straight away.

It projects confidencehappinessbeauty 

and well-being.

When you meet someone with a beautiful smile, it captures your attention. It’s not just important to have a radiating smile in social settings but also at work when dealing with colleagues, customers and clients.

You will be amazed how easily and painlessly we can reshape your teeth, smile and entire appearance. Through our continual Investments in technology and training in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry, it is now possible for our cosmetic dentist team to restore virtually any smile to health, youthfulness and perfect alignment.

How long will it take? Actually the planning is the most important part and takes the longest because we want the results no be perfect.

Many patients who come to us from other practices worry about how the treatment will disrupt their life. Many are surprised to hear that most cosmetic dentist treatments can  be completed within just one appointment. No stress or downtime – You get your new beautiful smile “All The Same Day”.

We offer a choice of Composite and Ceramic Fillings. We use the very latest and best materials and we regularly attend courses related to Cosmetic Dentistry. 91% of our fillings are now composite, about 9% ceramic.

All our dentists are very experienced and have been trained to use the latest Dental Composite and Dental Adhesive materials.

Stunning Dental Crown Treatments

We provide more than 100 crown treatments a month. We have a large team of experienced cosmetic dentists. They are available seven days a week.

Most of the crown and bridge work we do use “Same Day Cerec” technology.

However, we also have access to the highest quality Dental Ceramic Laboratories.

Meeting Your Cosmetic Dentistry Expectations

Your smile is the essence of your personality.

It’s usually the first thing people notice about you. Your appearance communicates to others how you feel about yourself.

Even a small change in your smile can make an exceptional difference to the way you look and feel.

If you feel self-conscious about your teeth, then reading this is the first step to a radiant new smile and confident new you.

Before & After with Dr Ernest Lucas-Taulé

Before & After with Dr Gulelala Azhar

Before & After with Dr Margarita Kapsazova

Before & After with Dr Ignacio Farga Ninoles

We invest in the very best technologies whilst keeping our prices very affordable.



Crowns, Veneers, Bridgework, Fillings Fees



Cerec Enamic Crowns (Same Day)

Anterior Cerec Enamic (Same day)

From £550 (Posterior)

From £600 (Temporary)

Cerec Emax Crowns (Same Day)

Cerec Emax Crowns (Same day)

Emax Restoration with Ignacio

From £650 (Posterior)

From £700 (Anterior)

Start From £650

Composite Veneers

From £275 (average case £350)

Dental Inlays

From £550

Dental Onlays

From £550

Crowns (Bonded)

From £495 (average case £495)

Crowns (Lab Fabricated All-Ceramic)

From £595 (average case £595)


Temporary Crowns

From £195 (average case £225)

Same-Day Dental Veneers

From £695 (average case £695)

Ultra-Thin Dental Veneers

From £595 (average case £650)

Prep Less Dental Veneers

From £595 (average case £650)

Classic Dental Veneers

From £695 (average case £695)

Fixed Bridges (Per unit)

£600 (average case £650)

Bonded Bridges (Per unit)

£600 (average case £650)

Maryland Bridges

£600 (average case £650)

Cantilever Bridges (Per unit)

£600 (average case £650)

Temporary Bridges

From £600 (average case £750)

Fibre Bonded Bridges (Per unit)

£600 (average case £650)

Precious Metal Posts for Crowns


Carbon Fibre posts for Crowns


Finance 0% interest

Patient Finance and Interest-Free Credit

Patients expect to have a clear idea of dental charges, and we believe that it’s not only reasonable, but it makes great sense to us too. Patients who feel they can trust the dentist are more likely to have their dental care.

Treatment Procedure

All our patients receive a written itemised treatment plan

Prices do vary as every patient is different BUT you will pay exactly what is on your treatment plan

Nobody beats our 365 days a year Dental Charges

We offer monthly payment plans and 0% Finance (terms apply)


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Cambridge Cosmetic Dentist

Are you looking for the best cosmetic dental practice in Cambridge? First of all its just £25 to see the dentist. We are open seven days a week, and we have a team of 4 very experienced cosmetic Dentists. We are situated right at the heart of Cambridge and very easy to find. So, call now or walk in to schedule your appointment.  Why Use Us?
  • Based in Cambridge
  • Available 7 Days A Week
  • Same Day Service
We offer an affordable Full Dental Examination for just £25.00; Small Xrays are £9.00 each. Then we will give you a Written Itemised Treatment Plan.

Cosmetic Dentist Cambridge Services

What are Clients Saying
Zion J
 a month ago The Cambridge Dental Hub has truly changed my life, excellent service from all staff, especially from a young trainee called Obed.
Pier Bianchi
 2 months ago my dentist Alvaro(George) is very competent at his job reassuring, friendly and his dental assistant were very competent and friendly also,I needed emergency treatment. I got a appointment on Monday early morning with no problem i found receptionist to be helpful I highly recommend my dentist and which is great!
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Tooth Whitening Special Offer

Based in Cambridge Available 7 Days A Week Same Day Service Home Whitening (Trays): Normally £275

Special offer Price £225

Tooth Whitening in Cambridge Everyone would love a beautiful, bright smile. When you see a gorgeous smile, it hard not to notice. A smile reveals so much about a person. It projects youthful confidence. People who don’t like the colour and appearance of your teeth will often avoid smiling. We offer a choice of Home Tray Whitening     £225 1 Hour Laser Whitening  £475 Combined Whitening  Tray and Laser Normally £650

Cosmetic Fillings In Cambridge

Often front teeth can be repaired and improved with the addition of white composite material. The advantage of being less tooth loss, less expensive and giving the tooth longevity before eventually veneering or crowning. Cosmetic Fillings In Cambridge Before and After pictures. Our 4 Cosmetic Dentists offer the best value Cosmetic Dentistry treatments in Cambridge 7 days a week. As with most dental restorations, composite fillings are not permanent, but they are now very durable and will last many years, giving you a long-lasting, beautiful smile. We offer a choice of Composite and Ceramic Fillings. We use the very latest and best materials, and we regular attend courses related to Cosmetic Dentistry. There are lots of descriptions, but they are all very similar: Composite Bonding Cosmetic Dental Bonding Aesthetic Bonding

An Answer For Dental Phobia In Cambridge

If the thought of a dental appointment makes you feel nervous, then you’ve come to the right place. At The Cambridge Dental Hub in Cambridge, we have treated many nervous patients over 40 years and aim to help you overcome your fear of the dentist. A fear of the Dentist is widespread. As many as one in four of us can feel nervous before an appointment. While for most of us we can overcome this nervousness to attend a check-up, for other patients this fear becomes a phobia, causing terror (and a range of symptoms including dizziness and shaking) at just the thought. Often this fear will result in us putting off a visit unless necessary. There is no definitive reason why someone develops a fear of the dentist. Sometimes it will happen gradually; sometimes, it can be the result of one horrible experience. Some patients who haven’t visited a dentist in many years may remember a particularly bad experience from childhood. A phobia can be a real problem for someone who requires urgent dental treatment. They will do absolutely anything to avoid a visit to the dentist – and maybe in considerable pain or unable to eat as a result. We also provide a Cosmetic Dental Service in Milton Keynes


We Are Open as Normal- We Will Not Close.
We Are Offering The Full Range of Emergency And Routine Dental Treatments Including Dental Hygienist Visits, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Orthodontics, Dental Cosmetics.