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Same Day "Cerec" Crowns

We now offer same day "Cerec" Crowns, Bridges, Veneers and fillings. Same Day Ceramic Bridges, Crowns and Veneers

We have now added the very latest CEREC machine which allows us to provide Crowns, Bridges and Veneers the same day.

It's even better than that!

Your crown is available about 30 minutes after we finish the preparation and this means

The cost starts at £395 for Enamic and for the very latest aesthetic Emax's the charge is just £495.

Cerec is Modern Technology

No temporary

No waiting for a week or even more

The crowns are All Ceramic (No metal) and therefore they look better.

All the crowns are customised so you can have it the way you want it. This is really useful as we now have lots of patients who want to lengthen or shorten or perhaps straighten their teeth. Patients can actually watch their crowns being made

Cerec means no Waiting

It all done by Computer and lasers and is hands free!!. So how is it all done?

The first part is much the same. We remove the damaged tooth structure and any decay etc. Then rather than take an impression we use a camera which scans the teeth and creates a 3D image of the mouth.

The Computer then designs a crown which then appears on the screen. This can then be adjusted for shape and colour and features like anatomy etc. This normally takes about 3 minutes.

Cerec Means no metal

Once the dentist and patient are happy then the computer sends information to the milling machine which then makes the crown.

This takes about 12 minutes.

Patients can even watch it being made.

Then we simply check the fit and cement the crown. How Flexible is the machine? The machine is the very latest and it means we can use the very latest materials. For example Emax which we use for our Laboratory Fabricated Crowns is available for Cerec.

Choice of Material for Our Same Day Cerec Restorations

We offer a choice of 3 materials

1. Vita Enamic.

This is the most popular and combines strength and appearance, and is very suitable for back and side teeth. It is a hybrid of Ceramic and composite. We can apply staining to enhance the appearance. they are glazed using a cold curing method.

2. Sirona Ceramic

This is not as strong as Enamic but has better appearance qualities. It is not suitable for patients who have a heavy bite, and would not be the choice for back or chewing teeth.

We can apply staining to enhance the appearance. These are glazed in a Vita Vacuum Furnace.

3. IvoClar Emax

This is the best material and combines the best strength and appearance qualities. It is suitable for all the teeth and is also suitable for bridges as well.

It is the material that is used for Smile Make Overs.

We can apply staining to enhance the appearance. These are glazed in a Vita Vacuum Furnace.

This is a wonderful material and it actually starts off as a soft purple bloc, and then after it has been in the Furnace it changes to the chosen colour and becomes very hard.

It comes in a wide range of colours and translucencies which means we can create almost any colour.

And Bridges too!!!

We can provide a bridge in the same way as a crown.

This is a marked improvement to the service we offer as there is no waiting.

The Cerec Machine will produce bridges for front and back teeth.

However it takes about an hour rather than 30 minutes!!!!!

Because they are made from the same Material as other crowns they are just as strong and will last just as long.

We mainly Use Ivoclar Emax, which is the same Material as other crowns they are just as strong and will last just as long.

We also use an Acrylic based material for Temporary Bridges and these have great colour stability and are also an affordable option for patients on a tighter budget,

Bonding the Restorations to the Tooth

We use the very latest adhesives which involves several stages but achieves an almost perfect bond.

These adhesives are a tremendous improvement both in terms of strength and endurance.

There are similar to the materials we use will our Bonded Cosmetic Fillings.

And the charges!!!

1. Vita Enamic.
These are £395 each

2. Sirona Ceramic
These are £445 each

3. IvoClar Emax
These are £495 each

Are there any extra costs?

In some cases a Root Canal Post may be required and the cost for this is £165.

In some cases a Bonded or Pin retained core may be required and the cost for this is £95.

Nicer Smiles

The overwhelming majority of patients who want to have a nicer smile can achieve it very simply.

It often involves just replacing a couple of stained fillings at the front, or perhaps replacing a poorly matching front crown.

Whereas most patients think that the costs are prohibitive, actually most treatments are rarely more than the price of a couple of fillings (£95 each) or perhaps a crown or veneer (£395 each)