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Smile Make Over's at The Cambridge Dental Hub

We offer an affordable way to have a smile make over.

Unlike many Cosmetic Dental Clinics we do not offer free makeovers in return for celebrity endorsements.

This means you only pay for your Smile Make Over!!!

We offer a full range of treatments for “Smile Makeovers” including Veneers, Tooth Whitening, All Porcelain Crowns, Fixed and Adhesive Bridges, Orthodontic Treatment, Tooth Coloured Fillings and Implants.

We offer great value for money but we do not compromise on quality.

We use the very best materials and Laboratories.

All our Dental Team attend regular training sessions and Post Graduate Courses.

Smile Make Over Examination

The first thing we do is a full examination including sometimes x-rays and study models. The cost of this visit depends on the number of x-rays etc.

If you have had an examination with us in the previous 6 months then there is no charge for the examination

We will then have a full discussion with you about the options and make sure your final decision is an informed decision. We will show you cases that we have carried out and are happy to answer as many questions as you like. We encourage questions.

We are happy to make another appointment for patients who want to go away and think about it.

There is no charge for the second visit if you simply want to ask questions.

At the end of this visit we will give you a price for the treatment you require.


Examination £25.00
Small Digital X-rays £9.00
Large Digital X-rays £25.00

Set of Study Models £35.00

Second Stage of Smile Make Over

On the first visit of this stage we take a series of impression which we give to our cosmetic Technicians and they will do a “Wax up” which will give you some idea of what the new smile will look like.

The cost of this stage is £350.00 and is payable on this Visit

On the second visit of the second stage we show you the “Wax Up”. These models are used to check the aesthetics and functions from every angle.

We will then discuss your final treatment plan.

If you are happy we proceed to the third stage

Third Stage of Smile Make Over

This is when your treatment is carried out

The length of time and number of visits will depend on your individual treatment plan.

We do a lot of Smile Makeovers and we want to be as upfront about each stage, and especially the costs.

We normally take a 50% deposit on the first appointment with the balance payable as the treatment proceeds. We expect all treatment to be paid for before the final visit.

(Please note that these photo’s are for illustration only as we do not publish our own patients photo’s.


We offer a range of Consultations

Cosmetic Dentistry.
Tooth Whitening.
Orthodontic (Braces)

We have to say that without x-rays it is normally not usually possible to give any definitive treatment plan, and/or have any idea of what is going on under the teeth, and/or know what the condition of the periodontal structures are.

Therefore we encourage patients to bring any previous x-rays with them or we can, if needed, take them ourselves.

Consultation for Orthodontics

This is with our Specialist and you will have a full examination and get a written treatment plan at the end.

Cost: £65.00

Consultation for Cosmetic Dentistry

This is with one of our senior dentists, either Monica or Gul, and you will have a full examination and get a written treatment plan at the end.

Cost: £65.00

Consultation for Periodontics

This is with either

Giovanni whose practice is limited to Periodontics or
Aaron who is a Specialist Periodontist,

Patients will have a full examination which normally takes 1 hour and get a written treatment plan at the end.

Cost: £95.00 with Giovanni
Cost: £155.00 with Aaron

Free Implant Consultations

We offer a free implant consultation for any patient who has had an examination at our practice in the previous 9 months.

Otherwise it is £25.00 for the examination + cost of any x-rays taken.

Free Tooth Whitening Consultations

We offer a free Tooth Whitening.

It is designed to assess if the patient is suitable for Tooth Whitening : not all patients are.

The Tooth Whitening consultation is normally with our Dental Hygienist.

Costs associated with Consultations explained

Small Radiographs included if required
Large Radiographs included if required
CT Scan Radiographs £75 if required